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About Dreamscape

Dreamscape Foundation provides accommodations for individuals with disabilities in their pursuit of education and life-fulfilling work. Learn more

Why Accessibility?

Without accessibility, we do a disservice not just to the quality of life for those living with a disability – we also prevent them living to their fullest potential. Learn more

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Your donation will allow us to continue our work to restore independence for those impacted by disabilities. Learn more

Our Impact at a glance


of Americans live with at least one disability

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of working-age people with disabilities are employed

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of people worldwide live with disabilities

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Here’s how you can help

2 Current Fundraising Campaigns

eSight Kenny and Justin Jongsma

Life changed drastically after Kenny and Justin lost their central vision. In many ways, they had to relearn how to navigate the world they had come to know so well. Their limited sight brought much of their lifestyle to a screeching halt as they tried to figure out what they could and could not do. The brothers are also exploring a new piece of technology on the market called eSight, which are electronic glasses designed to make seeing easier for the legally blind.

  • 1% Funded
  • $170 Funded

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In this blog by Dreamscape Foundation, the nonprofit explores how various individuals with disabilities use perseverance to pave a path for their dream careers, breaking stigmas and proving that not all things are beyond reach when you have limitations.

Perseverance Paves a Path

There are days when our disabilities feel...

Dreamscape Foundation interviews Isabel Figueredo, Head of Charity Advocacy at Giving Assistant in order to understand how this shopping rewards platform works and what the benefits are for its users.

Giving Assistant: An Online Shopping Rewards Platform Where Everyone Wins

Recently, Dreamscape Foundation wrote a blog about...

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